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Black hole information loss 
These are astronomically long time scales. I can tell you the answer for any black hole. ;-) Let me focus on the 3+1-dimensional ones. You compute its radius (or mass) in Planck units - Planck mass is 10^-5 grams, Planck length is 10^-35 meters. Then you take the cubed power of this number, and interpret the number in Planck units of time (10^-43 seconds) again to determine the lifetime. For example, 1 meter black hole is 10^35 Planck lengths in radius, i.e. 10^105 Planck times is the evaporation time which is roughly 10^62 seconds - certainly a huge time scale. Of course, we won't be able to wait until a black hole like that evaporates. However if we found such a black hole, we could still observe its evaporation.

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Properties of black holes 
What is a black hole like? How were they first discovered? How do astronomers know if they're seeing one?

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Stephen Hawking's Universe: Strange Stuff Explained 
A massive star starts to collapse when it exhausts its nuclear fuel and can no longer counteract the inward pull of gravity. The crushing weight of the starís overlying layers implodes the core, and the star digs deeper into the fabric of space-time. Although the star remains barely visible, its light now has a difficult time climbing out of the enormous gravity of the still-collapsing core. The star passes through its event horizon and disappears from our universe, forming a singularity of infinite density.

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The Importance of Being Nothingness 
Scientists banter endlessly these days about The Mysterious Vacuum. Like aliens in a crackpot conspiracy theory, the vacuum seems to be connected to everything: dark energy, dark matter, the anthropic principle, parallel universes (or multiverses), the theory of everything, black holes, extra dimensions, gravitational waves, you name it. Everything is connected to Nothing is connected to Everything. The surreal wordplay of confusing jargon makes you wonder: Is there any There there?

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